Taste & Savour

Tasting is a sensory, culinary and musical experience in quest of gustatory pleasure through the alchemy of taste around food and wine.

Enjoy the specialities of Occitania !

The Table d’hôtes offers you a meal served in the reception room or on the terrace of the Château.

A different menu is prepared each evening, based on regional products and local specialities, and featuring medieval cuisine, including a starter, a main course, a plate of regional cheeses and a dessert, as well as regional wine combinations.

Menu at 35€ (Starter + Main course + Dessert)

Menu at 47€ (Starter + Main course + Dessert + Drink (wine, still / sparkling water, soda)

If you wish to learn about wine and cheese pairing or to deepen your knowledge of oenology, the Maître des lieux offers you a tasting session with a sensory reading of the dishes.

Animation :

Sensory analysis allows the interpretation of the aromas and fruits of the food by reading and perceiving the flavours through the methods and techniques of tasting.

The tasting technique consists of defining the content of the fruits and aromas as well as their persistence in the mouth to obtain a better analysis of the flavours in their pure authenticity.

The tasting methods and techniques used allow a better perception of the flavours and reveal the alchemy of taste. They ensure a better analysis of the aromas and fruits not only in their authenticity, but also in their qualitative expression.

FIL’O’CHÂTEAU’s alliance of the senses is expressed as follows: Reason, Harmony, Enhancement, Favourite, Balance, Opposition, Fusion.

This is a 4-hour dinner course which can be held in English on request.
This training course is based on a video projection, a visual allowing you to freeze the knowledge in your memory.

It is also possible to privatise a course for a group of at least 10 people or to offer a voucher for a wine course.

PRICE : 50€/person – NEXT SESSION : xx-xx-xxxx

Booking by phone : +33 (0)6 71 26 97 19

What could be better than a beautiful sunny day to have a picnic in the park of the Château. Away from the noise and the daily worries to enjoy a moment of relaxation, to find a warm moment of conviviality and sharing in family or between friends.

Our catering trays are created for you, to be enjoyed on the terrace of the castle or in the park of the castle, composed to your specifications in savoury and sweet, with the best local products, toasts, appetizers, charcuterie, cheese, seasonal fruits. All our dishes are homemade with quality and seasonal products.

We propose drinks: juices, beers and wines from the region that will accompany your meals.

Catering Basket

Cocktails, appetizers and various tapas*

Price : 24€ per 2 persons


“Plancha” Basket

Plancha with cheese, charcuterie and anti-pastis

Price : 20€ per 2 persons

You want to please and offer a gift to your family and friends or simply treat yourself, products or a composition of a gift basket with local products from our partner producers, composed of a variety of items are available : terrines, cheeses, charcuterie, wines, olive oil… a vitrine shows you these products of Occitania to facilitate your choice and compose your gift box to discover the gourmet flavors of our land.

Personalized box, the price is according to the composition